What We Do

Since 2001, we've brought together a group of awesome people to do something a little crazy, a bit generous, and pretty darn chilly. More specifically, to take the plunge and wade/waddle/walk/run into the frigid waters of Lake Michigan in January.

What We've Achieved

  • We started with the goal of raising a little bit of money for someone in need, and we've continued to do that every year since.
  • We've organized 14 years of plunging.
  • We've had 13 fundraisers to support 20 families (+2 more this year in 2016!)
  • We've raised over $270,000 dollars.
  • From humble beginnings of 3 plunge-rs in 2002, we've had 2,742 selfless crazies jump into the lake with us since, and we're honored to have such friends