January 2011

AWESOME!  That is all we have to say about the 2011 Plunge.  From the turnout at the beach to the after party at Sedgwick's to the fundraising for the Cottle and Wagoner familes, we were blown away by everyone's support.

Polar Bears:  477 - a new LPBC record
Money Raised:  $23,082 - a new LPBC record
Air Temperature:  31  F
Water Temperature:  33  F

In association with the 2011 Plunge we have raised an amazing $23,082 to help two local families in need - the Cottle and Wagoner families.  With your generous donations we are assisting great families who truly appreciate everyone's help and support.  With your help, 4-year old Zaine Wagoner is receiving daily rehabilitation and is making progress everyday.  He is starting to stand and walk on his own and words are literally right on the tip of his tongue.  We are all excited to see a big smile on his face when he is back running around and playing with his friends.  Andrea and Chad are so appreciative of everyone's support and prayers.  Hopefully we'll see the entire family at the 2012 Plunge.   

Your donations are also going towards assisting Tracee Cottle and her children, Travione & Noah. Your donations are helping with rent, groceries and daycare.  Tracee has gone back to school and is working part-time to become a Phlebotomist (drawing blood samples & other similar responsibilities.  Thanks to everyone's support, she is on her way to providing a better life for her children.  More importantly, she continues to be a great role model for her children.  Tracee, Travione & Noah are very appreciative of everyone's support.

In addition, due to all the generous donations from our supporters we were able to provide a 3rd grant to Ron Lenzo in Galion, Ohio.  The Lenzo home was hit with flash flood and the house was filled with water and mud and all of their possessions were soaked and ruined.  The house was considered "unlivable".  The LPBC donated $2,500 to the Lenzo family to help pay for temporary housing, groceries, clothes and other day-to-day expenses that this family needed to get them through this difficult experience.  

These are all wonderful people and everyone who has donated to the LPBC for this fundraising campaign can be confident and proud at how their dollars are being spent. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that our friends, families and community can rally around a cause to make a difference. Everyone needs to understand that together we are making a significant difference in the lives of real families.