What to expect

When you get to the beach, be sure to first check-in at our registration tent, pick up your 'thank you' giveaway, and take a look at our latest t-shirts, hoodies, and hats for sale!

Then, find a spot on the beach and get ready to go -- meet some other plungers, play a game or two, and get pumped!

We plunge at 12noon sharp, and we do it as one big group, so keep an eye on the clock and an ear out for announcements!

What to Bring

  • Shoes / aqua shoes that can get wet as ALL PLUNGERS MUST WEAR SHOES
  • Warm dry clothes for after the plunge (we recommend a bath robe for warmth and drying right after the plunge)
  • A friend (or few)! The plunge is always better with a crew!
  • A costume! You're doing something crazy, so why not embrace it? Plus, we'll be holding a costume contest!