January 25, 2014

DUE TO EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS THE 13th ANNUAL POLAR PLUNGE WAS CANCELLED.  Thanks to everyone who came out to Fatpour, who donated and who continually support the LPBC!

13th Annual: LPBC Polar Plunge

Despite the miserable weather we had that caused the cancellation of the Plunge, the 2014 fundraiser was still a huge success.  The support shown by our members was amazing and we couldn't have been happier with the turnout.  A group of 15-20 people from Anytime Fitness in Michigan City, Indiana bused in for the after party as well as our good friends from the Chicago Heights Fire Department and also 20+ LPBC family members from Ohio.  From the turnout at Fatpour, you would have never known the Plunge had been cancelled.  We appreciate that so many people embraced the cause and were determined to help 2 great families by drinking as much as they possibly could.  That is true dedication!  

There are still donations coming in, but we are excited to announce that we have raised over $24,000 for these 2 families.  Being able to provide $12,000+ to each family will allow them to pay for necessary restroom upgrades to their houses to ensure they are wheelchair accessible for Hugh Mitchell and Aidan Kruer.  These renovations will make everyday tasks so much easier.  Your donations will also go towards providing language software to help Aidan Kruer communicate more effectively with his family and schoolmates.  These are just 2 of the ways that your donations will dramatically influence the lives of the Mitchell and Kruer families.  We are so proud to support these 2 amazing families and the LPBC cannot say THANK YOU enough times to everyone who donated, who went to the beach just to take a few photos, to everyone who came to Fatpour for the after party, to all of our sponsors, to all of our partners who donated raffle prizes and to all the volunteers who help make this organization function.

We understand that most of you were disappointed that weren't able to jump in the lake but we appreciate everyone's spirit to continue raising money for families in need.  Mother Nature kicked our butts this year, BUT, we’ll be back next year and more determined than ever!   We want to thank everyone for their continued support and we hope to see you all in January 2015 for the LPBC's 14th Annual Polar Plunge!

The Lakeview Polar Bear Club