January 2006

The Shrinkage Continues

The 2006 Lakeview Polar Bear Club's 5th Annual: Celebration of Shrinkage was a complete success. Mother Nature was good to us this year and we had wonderful weather for a swim.  While most Chicagoans thought that we had a calm day for the event, those of us down at the beach saw something completely different.  For the first time in my five years in Chicago, I saw surf-able waves in Lake Michigan. For the record, the temperature was a chilly 27 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of the swim and roughly 12 degrees if you count the wind-chill - either way, it was painfully cold.
Despite the extreme conditions, we had 26 crazy individuals get in the water. As has become tradition, we had a contest to see who could stay in the longest.  I would like to say it was an intense battle, but it wasn't even close. I would like to congratulate the 2006 LPBC Champion, Brian Endres, who stayed in the water for 2 minutes and 41 seconds.  While the rest of us were shivering and jumping around, he was calm and collected and had his game-face on.  As the picture to the left accurately shows, Brian stood defiantly as all others quickly ran back to their waiting, warm blankets. 

The total donations for the 2006 event was $5,600.  As I have previously stated, 100% of all donations will go directly to the Hinders family.  I am so proud of everyone who donated, swam, or just joined in the fun with us this year.  I appreciate everyone's help and I know the Hinders family does too.

Just for everyone's perspective: in the four years that we have been doing this event, we have now raised almost $24,000 to help out families in need.  I am proud and thankful for every single person who has been involved with the event

Thank You:
I want to thank everyone who was involved with this year's event and I want to thank everyone for your kindness and considerations.  I would like to thank all of the companies who helped out with donations, specifically:  The Epstein Foundation, Flora Chicago, Production Support, and DBA Horstman Trucking.  I want to give special thanks to Rose Marchal for all of the cooking - the vegetable soup was hearty and the sloppy joe's was extra sloppy.  I would also like to thank everyone who has helped out in past years, without your help, we wouldn't be where we are today.

I hope everyone has as much fun with this as I do and I can't wait until next year's event.

Thank you.