January 30, 2016

What a day for a Plunge into Lake Michigan!  It was a high of 49 Degrees with a lot of sun and beautiful beach conditions.  There was great news coverage from WCIU (the U), WGN and CBS.  We officially had 301 polar bears jump in the lake with us and we raised over $29,000!  

500+ photos have now been posted on our Facebook page, so go check them out.  We'd like to thank Josh Kotowski & Tony Toto for providing us with so many great photos of everyone.  Scroll through some highlights o the pictures, below:

We'd also like to say thank you to all our Sponsors, Volunteers and most importantly, our donors and participants.  Through a ridiculous event and everyone's amazing generosity, we are able to support 2 wonderful, local families to show them that there is a great community here to lend a helping hand.  

We just want to say thank you to everyone and we can't wait to make the 2017 Plunge even better.  We hope to see everyone at Oak Street Beach next January, preferably in your speedos!

The Lakeview Polar Bear Club